Friday, August 26, 2005

Were you Confused?

That's not actually me in the photo from Rusty's last post -- it's Lisa Loeb looking the more like me (minus her sneaker choice) than ever. The photo is so creepy that when I look at it, I have to remind myself that it's not me.

But . . . I was a rockstar at Tommy's this summer, where I played a C chord on the soprano ukelele and got behind a drum set for the first time and started playing with no instruction. I'm awesome on the footpedals. Here's me on the ukelele.

And if you're hungering for more photos of Summer: The Sequel, Rusty's got them up here -- you'll notice more couple pictures without the arm's-out, taken-by-ourselves look. You guess which ones have been seriously photoshopped.

I haven't put my pictures up on my page yet because I don't want to admit that Rusty actually left.

Photoshopped . . . or not? You be the judge!