Tuesday, July 12, 2005


This is where Rusty squeezes in a glorypost while Carrie is in the other room milking the goat. Cause we wanna keep this thing running and not be off for a month and a half, cause then you'd forget about us and not give put us in linkies for your binkies.

So, a conventional list of some things we've done so far:

1. Gambled 25 dollars away, some of it on nickel machines for the first time.
2. Saw Damon Wayans and thought he was funny, funnier than we imagined he would be. We got to hear jokes about dick sucking while sitting next to Carrie's parents.
3. Yeah, cause Carrie's parents were here, but then left early to avoid the hurrah-kin.
4. Carrie got a day off because of her boyfriend Dennis.
5. I bought the Arcade Fire CD. Listened once while playing Scrabble, am listening now also too.
6. Carrie is getting really good at Scrabble. The computer tells us that she's won 4 out of 5 since we've been playing. Maybe we can have some more-than-two-players Scrabble games in Pearl.
7. We saw Batman. I gave it a thumbs up for being different, but Carrie Ebert gave it a thumbs down, commenting "I thought we came to see Batman." We saw Land of the Dead, which we both gave two bitten off thumbs up. We saw Be Cool, which we both gave thumbs down inside its ass.
8. Carrie saw The Evil Dead tonight for the first time, and liked it (and wanted to read/write literary theory on it), so she has even more points in the super-girlfriend game now. We'll watch the other parts soon.
9. I wrote this list, maybe making Carrie upset, since she likes to write them. I'll quit now and save some things for her.

Carrie's Boo.