Thursday, July 21, 2005


A Carrie-Rusty post for you. (Note: the hyphenated "Carrie-Rusty" isn't meant to be like "Bennifer" or anything like that. We're not trying to say we're one person. We merely use this as a handy name for when we want to do a post that comes from both of us. In case you thought we were being too cutesey or something.)

We both found out today that we're being published in the same issue of the magazine NightSun. Carrie's story is called "All That Personal Business" and Rusty's story is called "Bible Talk." They are both personal favorites of the writers.

Here is a graphic of what the cover of the magazine for our issue might look like.

This is our second time to be published in the same issue, cause editors don't like to break up the GLORY!blog.