Saturday, July 02, 2005

Do you know Stanley Hauer?

Stanley Hauer might be my new Hattiesburg boyfriend. He comes and talks to me 3 days a week, when he uses my office to microwave his tea. We have chats about our world lit students, or about he once got to hold Queen Elizabeth's Bishop's Bible. Once Stanley Hauer gave Rusty a stuffed duck for finding the origins of the word "mistletoe."

Here are all of his book reviews. My favorite is this one of a biography of Princess Diana:

Finally we are over the fervor of Diana mania. Despite the trashy title, this is a good book, solid in its research and well-grounded in its conclusions. Diana wasn't the "People's Princess" that the Prime Minister called her at her death. She was a very sick woman who, in her selfishness, did great harm to a thousand-year institution of the monarchy. Seward is balanced and honest in her appraisals of the public strengths and private weaknesses of the late Princess of Wales. It's sad reading: first because her own story is one of deliberate self-destruction; then because of the harm she did her husband and the family she married into. In Seward's view the Queen was the best of the Royals to her, generous to a fault. Diana's failure (unlike that, say, of Princess Margaret or Jackie Kennedy Onassis) was to put her personal pleasures before duty and country. I recommend this book to anyone whose primary recollection of Diana was the American-style hysteria of her funeral.