Thursday, July 28, 2005

French Silk Pie

Everyone congratulate Carrie on her last day of French class tomorrow. She's as good as me now and her accent has improved. The cute big-boobed girl, the cute skinny girl, and the capris pants lady has taught her well... or something like that.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


A Carrie-Rusty post for you. (Note: the hyphenated "Carrie-Rusty" isn't meant to be like "Bennifer" or anything like that. We're not trying to say we're one person. We merely use this as a handy name for when we want to do a post that comes from both of us. In case you thought we were being too cutesey or something.)

We both found out today that we're being published in the same issue of the magazine NightSun. Carrie's story is called "All That Personal Business" and Rusty's story is called "Bible Talk." They are both personal favorites of the writers.

Here is a graphic of what the cover of the magazine for our issue might look like.

This is our second time to be published in the same issue, cause editors don't like to break up the GLORY!blog.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Other Things

We played Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution on Noby's X-Box.

Yes, yes, speak up.

Jason serenaded us.

Canadian bacon is good.

I failed a pop quiz.

Jackie and her friends.

We ate chicken spaghetti, otherwise known as Velveeta Surprise.

I met Uncle Jerry and we brought home a sack of peaches.

We had a double date with J.Todd and Melanie Smiff.

I bought Noby a Donnas CD.

Our heart's desire is to see our daddy.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005


This is where Rusty squeezes in a glorypost while Carrie is in the other room milking the goat. Cause we wanna keep this thing running and not be off for a month and a half, cause then you'd forget about us and not give put us in linkies for your binkies.

So, a conventional list of some things we've done so far:

1. Gambled 25 dollars away, some of it on nickel machines for the first time.
2. Saw Damon Wayans and thought he was funny, funnier than we imagined he would be. We got to hear jokes about dick sucking while sitting next to Carrie's parents.
3. Yeah, cause Carrie's parents were here, but then left early to avoid the hurrah-kin.
4. Carrie got a day off because of her boyfriend Dennis.
5. I bought the Arcade Fire CD. Listened once while playing Scrabble, am listening now also too.
6. Carrie is getting really good at Scrabble. The computer tells us that she's won 4 out of 5 since we've been playing. Maybe we can have some more-than-two-players Scrabble games in Pearl.
7. We saw Batman. I gave it a thumbs up for being different, but Carrie Ebert gave it a thumbs down, commenting "I thought we came to see Batman." We saw Land of the Dead, which we both gave two bitten off thumbs up. We saw Be Cool, which we both gave thumbs down inside its ass.
8. Carrie saw The Evil Dead tonight for the first time, and liked it (and wanted to read/write literary theory on it), so she has even more points in the super-girlfriend game now. We'll watch the other parts soon.
9. I wrote this list, maybe making Carrie upset, since she likes to write them. I'll quit now and save some things for her.

Carrie's Boo.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A story in pictures and words

Today my

is coming to town. Tomorrow I have a test on

Tomorrow also,

will drive in to Biloxi. They are worried about the


We are going to see

at the Beau Rivage.

Then we are coming back to

If I am lucky I will win the

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What This Is

This is the day before the day that I go see buns.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Do you know Stanley Hauer?

Stanley Hauer might be my new Hattiesburg boyfriend. He comes and talks to me 3 days a week, when he uses my office to microwave his tea. We have chats about our world lit students, or about he once got to hold Queen Elizabeth's Bishop's Bible. Once Stanley Hauer gave Rusty a stuffed duck for finding the origins of the word "mistletoe."

Here are all of his book reviews. My favorite is this one of a biography of Princess Diana:

Finally we are over the fervor of Diana mania. Despite the trashy title, this is a good book, solid in its research and well-grounded in its conclusions. Diana wasn't the "People's Princess" that the Prime Minister called her at her death. She was a very sick woman who, in her selfishness, did great harm to a thousand-year institution of the monarchy. Seward is balanced and honest in her appraisals of the public strengths and private weaknesses of the late Princess of Wales. It's sad reading: first because her own story is one of deliberate self-destruction; then because of the harm she did her husband and the family she married into. In Seward's view the Queen was the best of the Royals to her, generous to a fault. Diana's failure (unlike that, say, of Princess Margaret or Jackie Kennedy Onassis) was to put her personal pleasures before duty and country. I recommend this book to anyone whose primary recollection of Diana was the American-style hysteria of her funeral.