Friday, June 03, 2005

Rusty thinks he's fancy

But I will always beat him. There are 53 photos of Summer Vacation, Part One on my Photo Page

Rusty's got his Universal photos up now for you to adore -- some of those photos my page don't gots, some of what he don't got, I gots. We choose according to our own whims. We also photoshop differently so with the overlapping photos some zits may remain where others are missing, some photos may be darker or brighter, depending. Mine tend to be darker since my monitor's too bright and I can't tell when things are really dark. Everything looks good on my end and then I look at it in my office and it's dark as shit. This is of no concern for you, especially once I get my nineteen-inch flat screen, flat panel monitor.

Anyway, post comments and tell us your favorites!

I'm sleepy now that I have to be at school at 8am Monday through Friday for French class. Blergh, d'accord?

Mick Avory, your shirt is on its bumbley way very soon.