Sunday, June 05, 2005

No, I'm the Winner

I'll have you know I posted more pictures from Summer I than Hoffypants did. She figured it out too, apologized, made me a cake, and had it air-mailed within three hours.

Have you ever noticed how extra puss-faced Renee Zelweger is looking these days? I mean, look at this recent photo.

She should probably get that checked out.

More things to look forward to in the realm of

1. A Universal Orlando review for We Like Media, the sequel to our Disney World Review

2. The new Strawberry Explosion single, "Boobalean." If you're lucky, we'll let you hear some B-sides. If you're even luckier, we might call the song "Boobalean!"

3. Carrie doing a guest-spot on the upcoming Rusty Spell album, Plagiarism 2. No hints as to the nature of the song, since there will be a game involved.

4. A report on whether or not we like the electronic gradebook I found for us online, or if we should just make Noby program one for us.

5. A return to jokes. It just became to easy to post a cute picture and call it a day, but I'm gonna start schemin' up some plans for the funny ha ha. That means get your guts ready to be busted.

6. A return to classiness in the jokes. For an example of the class I'm talking about, did you know that for the above Renee Zelweger joke, I did a Google image search for "vagina," found a picture of one, erased the areas around the vagina, turned it sideways, resized it, and placed it over Renee Zelweger's lips? Did you further know that, in doing so, I actually made her mouth look less pussy than it actually is?

7. More Google hits due to words such as were just written in entry 6.

8. And finally... continuing hunts for Grevious.

Love and Bunnies,
Rubby Bulbs.