Monday, June 06, 2005

Bubs Bunny

Remember how last year, when we were at Epcot, Rusty stepped into a phone booth and became an alien bumble-glyph? It was so strange, but I think all the greasy food, frozen Cokes, and loud hotel room air conditioners must give him special powers because he morphed again this year at Universal...but not into a bumbleglyph. Rusty became an actual bunny this time, not just "my bunny," but like a sniff-sniff, hop-hop, cotton-tailed bunny. It was on Popeye's boat and lasted just a few seconds. Rusty didn't even know it happened. He thought the kids around us were impressed by his piano playing. Yeah, Rusty, like your music is that good! Anyway, check out the photo if you don't believe me. Really. I mean how could I fake a picture?

Now back to Rusty and his so-called "jokes."