Monday, April 18, 2005

Events to Look Out For

May 7th:
*Rusty arrives in Mississippi by plane.
Post-May 7th:
*Videos may be made.
*Double-dates may be had.
*The Strawberry Explosion will record their new song "Boobalean."
*Hoffmans may be visited.
*Orlando, specifically Universal Studios, may appear in digital photos.
*Spells will be visited.
*Glasses will be worn.
*Hugs will be given indiscriminately.
*Phones will not be used.
*Summer-lovin' will have us a blast.
*Sweet Pepper's Deli will serve two patrons with brown hair.
*Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant will serve two patrons with really pale skin.
*There will be no Boos except for Daily Boos.