Tuesday, March 29, 2005

They Grow Up So Fast

Here's a better picture of our Sim offspring as a child. A nice jubilant shot.

But they all grow up. Of course her eyes are bad, but her eyeglasses are badass.

We schmoozed her into private school, so she gets to wear this outfit. I know she's my Sim daughter and all, but... rwow!

She totally wails on the guitar (note the other players--we're like the Partridge Family).

But they all grow up even more, and so she went off to college (with scholarships, I might add). She's now grown into a young adult, chillin' in her dorm room. She's already hustled someone to write her term paper for her and has made $400 freestyle rapping for tips.

So anyway, does she look like us? Who's she more like?