Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Just so's you know -- this Friday officially begins the Carrie-Rusty Spring Break Extravaganza. Rusty gets here on Friday and stays for a little over a week, then we head to Texas for my spring break. We don't mind one of us working during the day --we get two weeks out of it instead of one. Plus, I saved up some absences so we're all good.

You should also realize that the GLORY!blog is getting near one year old already. We started it in Texas last year during my spring break. March 14th, 2004 was our first post. As you can see, we solved the commenting problem, though you people could give us more comment-love than you actually do. Especially since we give you so much. Don't forget to wish us a Happy Glory-versary on the 14th.

Here's me and Rusty last spring break: