Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Carrie and Rusty's Sim Wedding

I promise I'm not going to make this the Rusty's Sims 2 gloryblog or anything, but I thought you'd want to see our sim wedding pictures.

Here's the scene. Out by the side of our house, a pretty and simple outdoor wedding. I sold a few things from the house to get that fancy arch and table and stuff. Just brought some chairs from inside. We invited six of our friends, none of which seemed to like each other too much. We invited one of Carrie's old girl crushes (don't ask) to be nice, but she got jealous when we kissed before the ceremony and slapped Carrie in the face. Oh well. Note the boom box. We played R&B.

We had a little party before the wedding where I showed Carrie the wedding ring to go with her engagement ring she'd been wearing. There's a few shots of this, this one of Carrie smiling.

Our friends weren't having a good time right at first, but they perked up later and the party was pronounced (by the game) a success.

This picture just looks uncannily like the real-life Carrie and Rusty. It's captured my hunker and everything.

So we got in our wedding uniforms and did the deed. Here we are pronounced man and wife, kissing the bride/groom.

Sock! Everyone loves the "shove the cake into your wife's face as if it's something else more dirty" wedding bit. Not that anyone much was watching, but at least our photographer was on hand.

We got down during the reception.

Sometimes, even on your wedding day, even in your wedding dress, you just gotta take a massive grump. At least Carrie's happy about it, or maybe she's looking at her wedding announcement again.

We got zoomed off in a limo, then came back late one night. All the crap was still outside. Some friends we have. Seems like they could have cleaned up for us. Anyway, we didn't mind, and were still in our honeymoon bliss when we got home, so started making out in the middle of the street.

Carrie was feeling especially randy.

Can't give you guys too much of a thrill. Let's just say that we performed what The Sims 2 calls "Whoo-Hoo!" Carrie, being family-driven and all, wants to try for a baby already. Meanwhile, my strongest desire is to "be saved from death" and to "see a ghost." Her wants seem more reasonable. We will have a baby, though. I'm going to at least wait until I get my first promotion at my job. Carrie has had four, I believe. She now works at some Bennigan's-looking place and wears pieces of flare all over her uniform. (I finally figured out why I wasn't getting promoted. Apparently you have to study up on cleanliness instead of just being clean to prove yourself clean enough for promotion. So I studied and should be promoted soon. Hoorah!)

Hope you enjoyed our wedding pics! I'm listening to Phil Spector's "Not Too Young To Get Married" as I type this.