Tuesday, March 29, 2005

They Grow Up So Fast

Here's a better picture of our Sim offspring as a child. A nice jubilant shot.

But they all grow up. Of course her eyes are bad, but her eyeglasses are badass.

We schmoozed her into private school, so she gets to wear this outfit. I know she's my Sim daughter and all, but... rwow!

She totally wails on the guitar (note the other players--we're like the Partridge Family).

But they all grow up even more, and so she went off to college (with scholarships, I might add). She's now grown into a young adult, chillin' in her dorm room. She's already hustled someone to write her term paper for her and has made $400 freestyle rapping for tips.

So anyway, does she look like us? Who's she more like?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just Ducky

Here is a duck with a hairdo that Rusty and I saw when we visited The World Birding Center in Edinburg over Spring break.

This isn't a particular kind of duck that has this feature; all of the other ducks that were swarming around had regular, non-hair-do heads. I looked up duck breeds to find out what it was, and I think this is a Pekin Duck, which don't have hair-dos. Rusty says this is the Morrissey duck. Maybe I should alert the authorities.

More Boring Sims

I don't know if you guys enjoy looking at our alternate Sim life or not, but here are some milestones. First, the baby, a girl. Brown eyes: the recessive gene didn't win.

Here's the baby on her birthday.

A toddler now, learning to walk.

The Rusty sim wore himself out so much raising the kid that he passed out as soon as he was dropped off at home from work.

And now a full-grown child, looking a little like Casey Spell. This is the best photo so far, since I didn't play too long after she grew up. Sorry if she looks a little angry, but she was really sleepy and is crawling into bed.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Easter is for Bunnies

My Easter basket:

[the original hopkin green frog].

The contents of the basket, minus all the candy which was eaten in the Rio Grande Valley.

I'll let Bubbles post more Sims pictures now.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Rusty's Lazy Return Post

My girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen:

In case you're wondering what's happening with our Sims, Carrie's Sim is pregnant (with painting on wall she did for the coming-soon children's room):

If you're wondering why the bathroom looked all crappy... it's called morning sickness:

Carrie and I had fun during our two weeks of spring breakin'. But I'll let baby tell you about that, since I called this post "lazy" after all in the title and I'm too lazy to change it now.

Get R Done.

Monday, March 14, 2005

One Year of Glory

Just when you thought we were gone, we're back for a joint post to celebrate one whole year of the GLORY!blog. We've had a lot of glory in the last year. Here are some of the highlights:

Our first good post was the one where we said what celebrities we look like. Here's Rusty as Kieran Culkin and Carrie as Rudi Bakhtiar. Thanks to Rudi for all the Google hits since then.

On April 8th, Rusty got a good post title in with "Please Don't Tamper With Texas."

We took this photo in San Antonio and used it as our GLORY!blog official photo until we got the more dressier one at Carrie's brother's wedding in San Francisco, CA. When we make a trip to the Bridge of San Luis Rey, we'll have a third one.

And...the same magic trip to San Antonio got us the first comic by Rusty -- not a Carrie comic yet, but certainly a predecessor.

Of course just a bit later Rinky-dink posted the very first "Carrie" comic based on the night when Hoffy kept asking where the "gerbage" was.

On April 18, Ruckabee posted his famous sentence, "I am a bastard who licks his own brown," and of course we like to talk about our own brown all the time now. (And our grumps. Keep your eyes off our grump-a-dump-dumps.)

On May 10, we posted the first digital photo--us jumping on the trampoline. This was also around the time we made the famous mis-statement, "Go away, jerks. We're hee-hawin'" and alienated our faithful GLORY!readers. We made up for it by getting our cameras just in time for our big trip to the Sunshine State, Carrie's hometown--here's Tommy's favorite picture of Rimble-cakes flipping off Ellen Degeneres.

You may notice that all the jokes referenced so far have been Rusty's, and so you will understand Carrie's only comic, dedicated to Tommy Burton who has consistently refused to give us comments.

And don't forget the day Carrie gave you the GLORY!blog uncensored -- photos they dared not show.

Of course you still remember the most classic GLORY!blog post -- our response to Morgan Spurlock's Supersize Me -- when Carrie dressed up as an old woman for a whole week and discovered that life as an old person is tough.

Remember this guy from June 30th:

Here's a picture of Rusty that only ever appeared here on the GLORY!blog:

And here's two pictures from when Carrie was on her dismemberment kick:

And here is the classic picture of "The Daily Boo."

Election Day, 2004, tied for best post with the days Carrie dressed up as an old lady:

We get lots of foot fetishists visiting 'cause of our feet photos. Pia once told us the name for foot fetishes but we forgot. These pictures, combined with our early reference to Alyson Stoner, gets us hits from pedophile foot fetishists.

You thought you had fun decorating your tree.

And don't forget all of the fun and interesting Christmas facts that Rusty told us during the holidays--especially, "Christmas farts contain magical healing properties."

Then we got married.


We did a lot in a year, you bitches. Now comment.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Just so's you know -- this Friday officially begins the Carrie-Rusty Spring Break Extravaganza. Rusty gets here on Friday and stays for a little over a week, then we head to Texas for my spring break. We don't mind one of us working during the day --we get two weeks out of it instead of one. Plus, I saved up some absences so we're all good.

You should also realize that the GLORY!blog is getting near one year old already. We started it in Texas last year during my spring break. March 14th, 2004 was our first post. As you can see, we solved the commenting problem, though you people could give us more comment-love than you actually do. Especially since we give you so much. Don't forget to wish us a Happy Glory-versary on the 14th.

Here's me and Rusty last spring break:

Carrie and Rusty's Sim Wedding

I promise I'm not going to make this the Rusty's Sims 2 gloryblog or anything, but I thought you'd want to see our sim wedding pictures.

Here's the scene. Out by the side of our house, a pretty and simple outdoor wedding. I sold a few things from the house to get that fancy arch and table and stuff. Just brought some chairs from inside. We invited six of our friends, none of which seemed to like each other too much. We invited one of Carrie's old girl crushes (don't ask) to be nice, but she got jealous when we kissed before the ceremony and slapped Carrie in the face. Oh well. Note the boom box. We played R&B.

We had a little party before the wedding where I showed Carrie the wedding ring to go with her engagement ring she'd been wearing. There's a few shots of this, this one of Carrie smiling.

Our friends weren't having a good time right at first, but they perked up later and the party was pronounced (by the game) a success.

This picture just looks uncannily like the real-life Carrie and Rusty. It's captured my hunker and everything.

So we got in our wedding uniforms and did the deed. Here we are pronounced man and wife, kissing the bride/groom.

Sock! Everyone loves the "shove the cake into your wife's face as if it's something else more dirty" wedding bit. Not that anyone much was watching, but at least our photographer was on hand.

We got down during the reception.

Sometimes, even on your wedding day, even in your wedding dress, you just gotta take a massive grump. At least Carrie's happy about it, or maybe she's looking at her wedding announcement again.

We got zoomed off in a limo, then came back late one night. All the crap was still outside. Some friends we have. Seems like they could have cleaned up for us. Anyway, we didn't mind, and were still in our honeymoon bliss when we got home, so started making out in the middle of the street.

Carrie was feeling especially randy.

Can't give you guys too much of a thrill. Let's just say that we performed what The Sims 2 calls "Whoo-Hoo!" Carrie, being family-driven and all, wants to try for a baby already. Meanwhile, my strongest desire is to "be saved from death" and to "see a ghost." Her wants seem more reasonable. We will have a baby, though. I'm going to at least wait until I get my first promotion at my job. Carrie has had four, I believe. She now works at some Bennigan's-looking place and wears pieces of flare all over her uniform. (I finally figured out why I wasn't getting promoted. Apparently you have to study up on cleanliness instead of just being clean to prove yourself clean enough for promotion. So I studied and should be promoted soon. Hoorah!)

Hope you enjoyed our wedding pics! I'm listening to Phil Spector's "Not Too Young To Get Married" as I type this.