Monday, February 28, 2005

The Spells

We're Sims again. Whenever I play The Sims (and now The Sims 2, which I just picked up the other day), I tend to play them based on real people (and sometimes based on my fictional characters, but don't tell anyone, else they'll think I'm a nerd), so I just started Carrie and Rusty Spell. We have the same last name, but we're not married yet. Complicated Sims laws where whoever lives in the same house has the same last name (more or less). Here's our story so far:

This is our little pink house. I built it from scratch. No trees or anything on the lot, but we'll work on that later. You can see us down there all tiny.

Here's Carrie. Her main drive in life is to have a family. She got a job on the culinary track, starting off as a dishwasher and advancing quickly to a fast food cook and then manager. She's getting pretty good at painting these days too (I may have doctored this photo a little bit).

Carrie makes perfect sandwiches in real life, and she makes them good here too.

Here's Carrie in her uniform. Maybe it's just me, but she looks pretty hot in it. Maybe it's the suggestive hot dog on the apron and T-shirt.

Then there's me. Here's me in a shirtless, glasses-less moment, looking all broody. Those are my fancy pajamas. My main drive in life is to gain knowledge. I got a job on the medical track, and I'm some kind of job I don't remember what now, something below flunky. The last thing I did was clean up some vomit or something. I haven't been promoted yet.

Here I am wearing my Noodlesoother hat. It puts me in a good mood. Perhaps you remember that in real life putting things on my head (like potato chip bags) put me in a good mood.

At first, we were just roomies so we slept in separate beds. Here's me having creepy late-night frustration. But we talked and got to know each other better and became friends, and then eventually developed crushes on each other, and then became best friends.

And really all it took was a good backrub or two to really get Carrie goin'. Don't stare too hard at the sexy nightie.

Eventually we got rid of the single beds and got all cuddly together. This is us together with me dreaming about my arch-nemesis Mr. Goth. I hate that bastard. He comes into my house, slaps me in the face for no reason, and makes me cry. I haven't figured out why, but I think it was because I was talking to his wife or daughter or something. The town we live in has a sordid history that I haven't learned all about yet. One day I'm going to build a town from scratch and move into it, but in the meantime, I got these folks to put up with.

This is me serenading Carrie... a few moments before I propose to her. She said yes! I gave her a nice ring. We haven't set a wedding date yet, but it shouldn't be too long. Carrie wants a family and all, and I want someone to pass all my knowledge on to. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated with all the Sim life Carrie and I are living, in addition to the real life we'll be going through. The Sim one seems a bit more speedy. Before you know it we'll be dead and I'll be posting about our grandkids' lives. Ah, the Sims 2!