Thursday, February 24, 2005

Every Day the Fourteenth Indeed

Hoffy strategically timed her Valentine's package to reach me on Monday, as opposed to me who sent my package to her on Valentine's Day. But, um, she got hers a couple of days later, and I just got mine today. Maybe one reason it took a while to get here was because the box was so huge, showing here:

The box was padded with all the cards and bags and napkins and conversation hearts and bonus CDs and stuff, the standard Hoffman above-and-beyond package. Here's me trying to sort it all out, wearing my red alien shirt.

We never found pin the tail on the donkey for my birthday, but baby found it for Valentine's. Well, it actually said stick the tail on the donkey on the package. Here's me pointing to it, Berky-style.

Candy? Ring Pops? Not just... heart shaped Ring Pops, two of them:

Carrie got me some new sheets, which seems maybe personal to put here since they're all silky and sexy and stuff, but to lighten the situation, here's me (in my black alien shirt) using them as a Dracula cape.

Bunny helped me get the power crystal (no, not that one... that would be personal) by getting me the final OutKast album I needed (the first one). Here's me wid it, wearing my grey-green alien shirt.

And finally, Snoopy. His heart lights up and blinks.

I love my girlfriend. Here's a picture she never saw of herself: