Tuesday, February 01, 2005

All the News

The Carrie Hoffman Webpage has had a facelift. It's also Firefox-compatible now for all you hipsters who don't use Internet Explorer anymore.

New photos of Rusty's birthday party are now up. To your right is Rusty's nephew Casey in his party hats. There aren't that many and they aren't that good, but what can we say, we were rushing the whole weekend and didn't have enough time for anything. We promise better ones after this weekend.

Perhaps most significantly, The Carrie Hoffman Forums now exist. Apparently comments on the GLORY!blog weren't thorough enough, and Case Miller demanded a forum. There's discussions going on about Carrie Hoffman, Rusty Spell, The Strawberry Explosion, and the GLORY!blog. Register and start your own topics! It'll be fun!

p.s. That photo of Ye olde Rusty is really creepy.