Tuesday, February 22, 2005

All Hoffy, All the Time

Once I had a student "interview" me for some class she was taking where they had to interview a professor. She asked if I had any nicknames and I paused and said--very awkwardly--"Well there's this guy who calls me Hoffy."

Don't forget these other fine Hoffy businesses:

Hoffy's Motel

Hoffy's Restaurant and Take-Away

Hoffy's House of Tunes -- They're Your Wedding Specialists

Hoffy's Soccer Team:Regular Season Champions!

Hoffy's World of Electronics

Of course, there are also Hoffy-Glyphs -- with 29 new drawings available. Click on this watermalien to see them all:

* Also, because we know you are all worried that Rusty still has not received his Valentime's package . . . no package on Saturday . . . no mail yesterday, but today he got a slip in his box that he has a package waiting at the P.O. We hope it's not Noby's book.