Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rusty's turning the big 3-0

So Rusty's birthday is coming up. It will be a week from this Saturday, to be exact, and he's flying in from Texas to spend it with me since it's a big one and I want to make him a cake. The last two birthdays, Rusty was in that great shit-state of Texas and all I could do was send him packages of goodies, including handmade cards. These were the covers of Rusty's last two birthday cards --

From last year:

From 2003:

There was a card before these two, from the first year I met Rusty, but I hand-drew it and didn't scan it onto my computer like I did with these. (For those who don't know, I hand-draw my aliens and then scan them, then color them using Adobe Photoshop Elements.)

Don't nobody forget to wish Rusty a Happy Birthday on the 29th!