Sunday, January 30, 2005

Rusty is officially 30

I missed wishing Rusty a public happy birthday on the GLORY!blog since we were partying at his parents' house in Pearl, MS on Saturday. But we had lots o' fun with party hats, hanging birthday signs, meatballs, pizza rolls, pigs in blankets, Smarties, Midnight Milky Way, homemade cake, and everybody's favorite Rotel and Velveeta dip.

Here is the cover from Rusty's card this year:

Here's the Funfetti cake I made Rusty -- sprinkles explode inside the cake batter so the cake looks like it has confetti in it.

And here's the handsome 30-year-old:

Rusty's in the sky on his way back to Dinkytown now. I feel a little like my lungs have been ripped out, but at least I have my internet. What a comfort. This Friday I get on a plane so I can spend Mardi Gras with Rusty. Thanks USM!