Friday, January 21, 2005

Good News for Rusty

His story "Pops" is being published in next fall's issue of Mid-American Review. For those of you who aren't in the know, this is a fancy print journal with a good reputation. And now, even better. Go Rusty go!

Also, I am editing an issue of Mississippi Review Web so if you have any holiday fiction, send it my way.

And now, for your amusement, here are some of the recent Google searches that have brought readers to the GLORY!blog

rudi bakhtiar photos
my sexy vacation photos
cari hoffman memphis
"carrie hoffman" memphis
carrie hoffman memphis

[note: these last three were all different people, within 15 minutes of each other. weird.]
celebrities paparazzi caught ugly
glory hole blog
essentialism "song of solomon"
"history of disney world"
glory holes blog
"lori berkemeyer"
"carrie spring"
alyson stoner feet
scary snowman
facts about tinsel
carrie hoffman "micah stack"

Our big regular Googlers are looking for Alyson Stoner or Rudi Bakhtiar.