Thursday, January 13, 2005

Back in 2005! Only 13 days Late!

To recap what you missed: several trips to Stuckey's gas just prior to a road trip...stopped in Madison, MS and saw the world's fanciest Shell station and ate Backyard Burgers....then to Memphis, a place we've talked about going together before we were even anything but friends. We take our time getting things done sometimes.

So what we did was ride the trolley and eat at the Isaac Hayes restaurant and see a guy named Scooter play the sax and ask the audience for Tylenol. Also a Strawberry Explosion Custom Session Recording the next day at Sun Studios, the place where Johnny Cash and Elvis and Carl Perkins and Topher Grace have all made their beautiful music. Listen to us singing Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line." The recording-boy loved us!

Then the next day we took a delightful jaunt around Graceland with a bunch of foreigners where we saw the Jungle Room, the carpeted kitchen, the three TVs with knobs, jeweled capes, gravy, Asians with Elvis hair, Christmas trees, the Lisa Marie plane, the Pink Cadillac, and lots of souvenirs. We bought the white ball Christmas ornament with a picture of Elvis on it and a little description about how he liked to decorate the house.

Then back in the Jetta and back to the Burg for a little bit of robe-wearing and hunting for the Jim Jarmusch movie Mystery Train. And one last day spent recording the brand new, not-yet-finished Strawberry Explosion song.

We're apart now, back to the daily grind again, so we've got time for computer things. Like updating the Carrie Hoffman Webpage which has been overdue for a while.

Here's the update you care about: all the good Christmas break photos, beyond the selections above, are now available for your admiration.

Also, did I mention that Rusty got me sick and then left?