Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Xmas 2004 / Summer 2004

Christmas is over, almost time for New Year's. The fact that the new Strawberry Explosion single (that we haven't recorded the vocals for yet) is about how we're not together on Christmas makes it only appropriate that the disc won't come out until after Xmas. Our lonely mantra this Christmas was "We're not doing this again." I've already warned my mom that Carrie and I might have to choose sides of where to be on Christmas: here or Miami. Here has more fun children, but there has less clutter and mess. The clutter and mess of my folks' house is stressing me out.

We might have a post in the future of the fun things we got each other. Maybe with pictures. Carrie's all about giving me creative gifts, and I didn't do so bad this year either.

The big news is that people still use film cameras sometimes, and sometimes also people take pictures of me and Hoffy who aren't us. For example, my mom took this picture last summer of Carrie looking really good (oh, and of me too).

So anyway, one more day without each other. We won't do this again.