Sunday, December 12, 2004

So You're Writing a Christmas Song

I'm pasting the We Like Media article I just wrote, for you to enjoy.

Another name for a Christmas song is, of course, "Statements of the Obvious." Keeping that fact in mind, here are a few suggestions for lyrics for your new song.

1. Christmastime is here.
2. It’s Christmas again.
3. Christmas comes but once a year.
4. Christmas happens on December 25th.
5. It’s Christmastime again.
6. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
7. Christmastime is wonderful.
8. I wish I could be home at Christmas.
9. Many people like snow at Christmas.
10. Jesus is the reason for the season.
11. Children sing Christmas carols.
12. The lights are on the tree.
13. Everyone looks happy.
14. Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day.
15. There’s food on the table.
16. O-U-T spells out.
17. We want to wish you a merry Christmas.
18. There are presents under the tree.
19. The neighborhood houses are covered with lights.
20. Santa Claus is coming.

On the musical side, just make sure you include bells. As long as you do that, it doesn’t matter what kind of music you do: classical, pop, country, jazz, rap, whatever. Just add bells. A woodblock that sounds like horses or reindeer will work in addition to the bells.

Christmas is coming!

Not coincidentally, I wrote music for a Strawberry Explosion Christmas song last night. No lyrics yet, but I probably won't follow my own advice above.