Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Merry from Miami

I'm on my parents' computer and while the space bar isn't broken, this is one of those wave-shaped keyboards which is supposed to be "better" than a standard keyboard but really it just slows me down.

I had Crim-Cram with my family and somehow in two days, we managed to eat three huge dinners. Two involved ham and one involved a turkey.

Here's the shrimp tree from this year. My mom lost the styrofoam cone she usually uses so I had to go to Michael's to get one. Mom then designated me as the one in charge of making the shrimp tree. Normally I make the salad and the macaroni and cheese. This year I did all three and I did a good jobbie.

And here's me on Christmas Eve awkwardly holding my new (and last) cousin Matthew:

Give us comments while we're lonely for each other.