Friday, December 03, 2004


Everyone should know that I'm posting one Christmas song a day during December on my Online MiXmas Tape. Three songs have already disappeared from the bottom (I always keep ten up at a time), so you betta get crackin'.

More Christmas fun facts...

* The official stapler of Christmas is Swingline.

* 1,000 babies and toddlers a year die after being smothered in a living room sea of wrapping paper.

* In Nebraska, Christmas has been replaced by a holiday known as "Stinky Bottom Day."

* When the baby Jesus was born, the Virgin Mary's milk was egg nog.

* If you kiss an envelope for a Christmas card instead of licking it, your recipient will get mouth herpes. Not a myth, a fact.

* 9 out of 10 Americans, when asked what Santa Claus is called in any other country but our own, will give the answer "Sunter Clausen."

* The most popular Christmas toy in 2003 was Timmy the Timid Turnip.

* Christmas farts contain magical healing properties.

* Every year for Christmas, Carrie's mom Mary Hoffman insist that everyone call her "Mary Christmas."

* In Wyoming, there is a museum that has a collection of Polaroids capturing the transparent images of ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.

* My brother Tony Spell is actually Santa Claus. The real one.

* The movie A Christmas Story is meant to be a metaphor for Hitler's reign during World War II.

* There are actually 37 days in December.