Friday, December 17, 2004

All the News

1. I finished my school stuff on Wed., which means I had yesterday to finish my Christmas shopping for Rusty. I bought everyone else's stuff online. I bought Rusty his favorite things: clothes and gardening tools.

2. The current Christmas card tally is as follows:

Spell family - has sent me 3 Christmas cards

Hoffman family - has sent me 0 Christmas cards, though I got a Disneyworld postcard from my mom who was there a weekend ago.

Friends of Carrie - 0 Christmas cards

3. The laundry is done.

4. I have a new pink sweater.

5. Rusty leaves tomorrow and gets here on Sunday.

6. On Wed. I leave for Miami, where I will spend a week with my fambly, eating shrimp and watching my dad eat every Christmas goodie he can find.