Monday, November 15, 2004

Photo Trilogy

We take lots of photos that have fancy ideas around them, like that they need a "central image," so sometimes the background material is overlooked. So here are some close-ups of those backgrounds.

I had some good idea for these photos: close-ups as revelations, as interesting pictures unto themselves, as Conan O'Brien-ish "What Are These?" photos... but in the end, this is what you get. Whatever it is.

Close-ups reveal we had set up this Vampire Hunter game, which isn't that great even though it glows in the dark.

In case you didn't pay attention to the kind of stuff we ate at Disney World.

Where's Waldo? No, seriously? Where?

If you don't look close enough, you might miss Bigfoot's hot sister.

This car race line provided a little race-ial tension.

A close-up of a picture on Carrie's refrigerator. This is either Carrie or Carrie's mom at her age or Bigfoot's really hot sister.

Carrie's DVDs.

My instant-indie-cred-when-washed Alien T-shirt.

Carrie's beautiful eyeball.

Hardy Street, USA.

Something tells me this isn't how abortions actually go down. Sorry you can't read the name of the artist.

How Carrie would look to a person her size, instead of the normal size, which is someone the size of the rocking chair she was standing in front of.

These cats were totally making out on the beach.

San Fran.

This will help you play the "name as many books as you can" game I offered up a few days ago.

The original printout of "Baby, Baby, Boo!"s lyrics. (I just realized I wrote "bloats" instead of "blokes.")

The Snoopy "jew-harp" Carrie got me.

Hope you had fun. No more picture-searching for me for a while. Takes too long.

Rubby Bulbs.

P.S. I love Carrie.