Sunday, November 14, 2004

More Rarely Seen Photos

None of you chumps entered the Google Image Search contest. The answer was that I searched for the word "heart."

I guess I'll continue the little-known photos theme in this post and offer you this little known photo of Rusty's penis. I never posted it on my page because Rusty was embarrassed. I took this shot on the way to Disneyworld.

Among many other little-known photos are the ones we have taken of our feet. It wasn't until compiling them for this post that I realized how many of them there are.

This is the only well-known foot picture, I think. My foot, Rusty's head. Taken during last Christmas break.

Here are my feet in the living room just before we left for our trip to Miami. You can see that we'd been playing Mastermind.

These are Rusty's and my Nikes at the Visitor's Center in Everglades National Park. This picture, along with a photo of a box of money, confused my Grandma Strick.

Here are just Rusty's shoes. I always get happy when he wears his Nikes since it's not so often. Usually he's got his Sunday School shoes on.

Here are the same Nikes riding the WedWay in the Magic Kingdom. This was the same day that we went to Animal Kingdom, our very last day at Disneyworld, and our feet were very tired. The WedWay healed them.

Here's a rather artistic shot of my famous strap-around-the-big-toe sandals on the beach. My feet are all sandy, hence, sand-als. I bought these shoes for $8 in Miami four years ago; they're getting old and worn out, as you can see. I will be sad when they fall apart completely since they're a Classic Carrie item. Rusty's mom, Ava Spell, likes my sandals.

Not so artistic, but here are Rusty's Nikes on the same day.

These are my feet, with freshly painted toenails, in my fancy dress sandals that I wore to my brother's wedding. They were like futuristic space shoes. This nail polish color is Rusty's favorite. You'd think it would be the red, from the foot-on-the-head photo, but no.

This is the most recent foot picture: Rusty's bare feet at his apartment during fall break. Rusty has nice bare feet. Not crusty or bunion-y or callous-y. Mine are also soft and nice. We win the feet award.