Saturday, November 13, 2004

Little Known Pictures

I'm sure most of you look at all our photo sites and the pictures we post here. But there are many pictures floating around that you don't see. Carrie once put up the "bad" pictures of us, looking ugly, but I'm just putting up rarities, or alternate versions of "famous" pictures. Enjoy.

The extremely rare "playing my Atari joystick games while Carrie is using me as a semi-ottaman" picture.

It's a bad picture of both Carrie and Ashton, but it is thus far the only.

I don't think this one of us at Main Street appears anywhere, maybe because of Greeny McGreenshirt behind us.

This is the less-disburbing funhouse mirror image of us. The other one makes us look like squat little fat midgets... you don't wanna see it.

Proof that some people just don't know how to take pictures. Some guy asked if we wanted him to take our picture, and he gave us this crappy shot.

Bug eyes.

Someone is downloading this right now for their album cover.

My happy boo running on the beach.

My bench.

Cutie in the robe.

If you need more convincing that Carrie is a cartoon.

Not sure what was going on here, but we've got more where this came from.

Hubba hubba wow wow hubba hubba baby baby yeah.

Taken tonight, it looks like a really disturbing yearbook photo. New haircut today.
The Love Below.