Sunday, October 24, 2004

We give you the photos.

Here's another Halloween picture I didn't put up last time because the quality is not so good. My brother is being racist as a feathered Native American with warpaint. And I'm Little Orphan Annie. I got this costume for Christmas the year before when apparently, I kept saying to every Santa, "I want an Annie wig and an Annie dress." I was obsessed. My parents had to call every toy store in Miami and eventually found one in Hialeah (the area where all the new Cuban immigrants live, kind of a drive since everything in Miami is so spread out) that had one stashed away, left over from Halloween, in a smashed-up box. This was a big effort for my parents since they bought most of our toys at garage sales in rich neighborhoods-- we never knew the difference and, as me and Rusty were talking about last night, my brother had an amazing collection of Star Wars toys. He even had a ton-ton that Luke could ride. My Grandma Strick made the Annie dress.

And if you want to see the few photos we took of my Fall Break trip to the Rio Grande Valley, Rusty put some up on his picture pages here. There's us on the beach in South Padre Island and us recording songs and us making out with mini-pumpkins. Speaking of pumpkins, did you know you can buy a plastic Jack O'Lantern trick or treat candy basket, a big one, for only 78 cents at Wal-Mart-- that seems extremely cheap to me.

In non-Halloween fun, here are the two cutest photos from my brother's honeymoon in Alaska:

I'll let Rusty post a new song now.