Saturday, October 02, 2004

Rusty Interviews Carrie Again

This is my last known photo.

Since we like to interview each other, here are some interview questions for Carrie that she may or may not answer on her next glorypost.

1. When you played house as a kid, were you usually the mother, the daughter, or what?

2. Think of a vegatable. Don't read on until you've thought of it. Okay? Now think of a second one. What is it?

3. First song that pops in your head. Quick! No, don't think--now!

4. Describe your high school experience in one word. Now describe it in five words. Now do it with a sentence fragment. Now do it using a comma, semi-colon, and dash, making sure to use the word "razzmataz."

5. What are your thoughts on James Gandolfini?

6. Was Biggs right?

7. Without using any reference, try to name at least four George Clooney movies.

8. What color do you feel is underrated?

9. If you were foreced to use one illegal drug -- besides pot -- what would it be?

10. How many times a day do you say "boo boo" or any variation of the phrase?

11. Rate your lip-synching skills.

12. Who is smarter: Bill Bixby or Fred MacMurray?

13. Do you only think in words?

14. What thing that isn't normally considered "work" do you consider work (e.g. watching DVD commentaries)?

15. What was the last smart thing you heard anyone say?

16. How many boyfriends do you have?

17. What are your views on tipping the servers at Sonic?

18. What's the last book you didn't read for school? What's the last book you read that was eventually made into a movie?

19. Muskets?

20. Do you believe in the "roundness" of numbers?

Love, love, love.