Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Quick Post

It's my last day in Edinburg. Rusty's teaching his last class before he comes home and takes me to the airport.

Here are some of the trip highlights:

Friday night we had our Halloween and watched Night of the Living Dead. I'd never seen it before. It was good. You can buy it on DVD at Target for a dollar.

We went to South Padre Island, the nearest beach, on Saturday. It turns out, there was some statewide Texas Harley Davidson convention being held there, and bikers were all over the place. Three Dog Night was playing at the local water park, the Schlitterbahn. On the way out, we got caught up in some Harley Davidson parade. People were lining the streets watching all the loud motorcycles go by. We were the two in the '97 Corolla.

Sunday was treat day, the day we buy each other treats. Here is some of what Rusty bought me:

The Four Tops, Greatest Hits
Air Supply, Greatest Hits
William Shatner, Common People
the new Tom Green book, Hollywood Causes Cancer.

We also made some new music, but I quit this post. Rusty's home now and he needs me like he needs a Coke.

More later. Probably with pictures.