Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Not As Quick Post

Here are the treats that Carrie got me:

Ren and Stimpy DVDs
Vince Guaraldi: A Charlie Brown Christmas CD
Duran Duran: Greatest CD (you read right)
The Chipmunks: Merry Christmas from the Chipmunks

Here's the music we made:

* Click for more info.
* Right click to download song.

You should, um, buy this single. What's your problems? I think only one gloryblog reader bought one of the old ones. You can't afford four bucks? You know I'm losing money on the deal, right? Screw y'all. Now you can't have one. I hope you enjoy the mp3 up there because if you try to buy one, I'll refund your money with a note that says, "Better luck next time, you johnny-come-lately douche-bag."

Yeah, I was just kidding about that whole douche-bag thing. I hope you buy a single if you want one. If you don't like the single (as if that would happen), it's also got me and Carrie doing Daniel Johnston's "Casper the Friendly Ghost," The Shaggs' "Halloween," and "The Monster Mash." So there.

Pia gets free ones, though. I'm mailing them tomorrow. She gets free ones because she's going to interview us. So look for that. Think of something cool you can do with us, and you might get free things too.

Here's that famous picture that Kim alluded to on her Bliggidy Blog. It's in black and white because we're writers and black and white is more artistic than color. Any fool knows that. Someone once said to me that sepia tone was even better, but I punched them in the face and they got the idea. That's Pia herself I'm leaning against, cause she shows the love.

One day we'll have a reunion and do a recreation of this picture. We'll use it for the cover of the blue album and the first one for a cover of the red album. I think you know what I'm saying here.

My Mr. Hankey CD has scratches on it. That's why it was five bucks. Life is so hard.