Sunday, October 03, 2004

Carrie's Answers Commented Upon!

When I played house, I was a number of things. Sometimes the baby was okay because there wasn't any "work" involved, but mostly it was boring. I guess I was the dad most of all. When we played school, my sister often played the evil principal who would walk in and scream "What's all the noise?!" then start throwing students around the room. We liked that bit.

The correct answer was "broccoli." Broccoli.

You did well with the high school sentences. You get an A+ for those.

Maybe you're right about Biggs. I never thought about it that way. It was Biggs all along. All this time, I just thought he was the guy who said, "I can't seem 'em!"

Gray. Good answer.

Ecstasy is the right answer. It's my answer too. In fact, let's just take ecstasy. We'll listen to that Stephin Merritt song while we do so. I want one with the Prince symbol on it. Or the Indian head.

Fred MacMurray is right, he's smarter. Bill Bixby has more heart, but less brains.

You misunderstood my "roundness of numbers" question. It's okay. You're pretty, so you can get away with a lot of things.

That picture I posted last time of myself is weird. It's almost 3-D. Last night it started moving around and almost came out of the screen.

I'm glad we are living in the Age of Shatner.