Saturday, October 30, 2004

Apple Bobbing and Casting Rusty Spells on Hallowe'en

Here's some good news worth waking up for: Rusty and I both found out yesterday that we're going to have stories published in Georgetown Review this spring. They took my story "Watching Out for Wallace" and Rusty's story "Every Three Years."

I've put our fall break photos on The Carrie Hoffman Webpage. You should look, even if you saw Rusty's, because there are some that he didn't post on his page. He's more sparing than I am. I'm not a choosy mom.

What's everyone wearing for Halloween? Rusty wore his Count Chocula t-shirt. I was one of those ladies with an orange shirt yesterday. Tonight I'm attending a party dressed as a certain celebrity whose name rhymes with Jelly, and though apparently I'm not the first one to come up with the idea, my costume is very, very classy and very bling-blingin'. I'll post photos next time.

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