Sunday, September 19, 2004

Randomness Abounds

We promise we'll do better than we have with updating the GLORY!blog, and we'll stop the lazy hand-offs. We want to keep this in the spirit it was intended, which was someone posts every day. We don't want to run you off. Please don't complain, though. The hurricane didn't really give me "time off." It just actually gave me the time I needed to finish Moby Dick. Now that I finished, I've grown a tiny stub of a penis. When I finish Tom Jones next week, my stub will grow a bit. And when I read Ulysses at the end of the semester, I will officially be well endowed and then I will star in gay porn.

Regarding my hurricane: it was fine--the power didn't even go out and I got to talk to Rusty's dad afterward since he was worried about me. I was a little nervous about Ivan since I went through Hurricane Andrew in Miami when I was thirteen. I remember my whole family huddling in the bathroom and hearing all sorts of howling winds and mysterious things banging into the roof. At one point, we peeked out of the bathroom and could see the front door of our house buckling in the middle as the wind pushed it in. The winds blew a huge chunk of wood into our roof and my brother's bedroom was soaked. The power was off and we didn't have any running water for about four days after that and they postponed the opening of school for two or three weeks. I remember being the sweatiest I've probably ever been in my life without air conditioning and having to do lots of work to help fix the house, and then not being able to take a shower. This photo is a pretty classic photo of the aftermath. Here is an area about fifteen minutes from the house where I grew up. My aunt and uncle lived in this area and their condo was totally destroyed. Luckily, they had evacuated and were huddled in our bathroom. This is a long way of explaining why I was nervous about Ivan and why I'm relieved that ye olde Mississippi went unscathed.

I only wish I'd known ahead of time about the days off so I could have planned to buy a plane ticket to see Rusty. But I did buy one for October 15th-19th which is my fall break. It's just enough time so that we look forward to it now, but short enough to drive us crazy with not actually giving us enough time together. At least we won't have phones stuck to our ears. And we'll pobably do a new Strawberry single, this time written by Rusty.

What else? There are some new treats for you out there on the inter-bunny. Rusty posted an MP3 of the ABBA song "Lovelight" on his online mixtape (which isn't a blog, by the way). You should listen and dance to Lovelight because while Rusty and I have a lot of Carrie-Rusty songs, this one might be the most descriptive of what draws us together.

As for me, I put some new drawings up on the Carrie Hoffman Webpage. I think they're getting more and more fancy-looking. I bought a less-complicated version of Photoshop called Adobe Photoshop Elements so now I don't have to use the cheap, freebie graphics programs that came with my computer. I think the new drawings are crisper and better-looking than the older ones. The process of coloring the aliens is also faster and neater since I can use the "color fill" paintbucket feature instead of a slow, painstaking paint brush option. You care deeply about all of this, I know you do.

Oh, and I'm taking French this semester. Here is my homework for tomorrow:

In right-now-as-I-type-news: I've got the E! channel on in the living room, loud enough for me to hear the Britney Spears bio show. I just heard a clip of a director on a video set saying to her, "Rub your butt against him a little bit."

And now back to Rusty.