Friday, August 27, 2004

We're Back! Ta Da!

Some Things that Happened While You Were Reading Glory to the Lori

1. Glory to the Bill. My brother married Lauryn, his girlfriend of six years, in San Francisco, CA. I was the best man and got to read something at the ceremony and also give a toast. I was proud of my toast and I might post it on the internet one day. It made the humans cry, and once it was over I could have a good time at the reception.

2. Rusty went with me to the wedding. We danced the polka.

3. I have had a bunch of compliments on his status as a "good catch" from both of my grandmothers and a cousin. Also, Lauryn's mom apparently commented that Rusty "looked like quite the English professor." I've never thought of him in that way, but I take it as a compliment. Lauryn's mom's sister said, "What kind of a name is Rusty?" But it was a weird question because her name is Mickey. My mom says everyone likes him because he has "Southern charm." He is charming, though my mom also assumes that Rusty's mom makes good fried I'm not sure about the "Southern" part. All in all, good reactions.

4. We went to the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa so we saw some original drawings and a wall from Schulz's daughter's nursery that had the prototypes of Peanuts characters painted on it.

5. My cousin Yvonne taught Rusty that if he loves me he will buy me expensive necklaces and rings and earrings and other baubles because I will want them to show off our love to others. Hugs in public and DVDs in the mail and Treat Days are not enough.

6. Rusty bought The Shaggs CD at Amoeba Records and I covet it. I bought the Red Krayola because I love me some FBX.

7. We ate pesto everything.

8. We took the obligatory scenic photos at the Golden Gate Bridge. We took a billion photos. See some here on my page and some on Rusty's page here. You have to look at both because we make different choices, and the difference in choices is a beautiful thing.

9. We came home to a busted hot water heater in my apartment, soggy carpet everywhere, a dead battery in my car, a broken hood-release latch in Rusty's car (preventing jumper cable action), and we were both sick. And yet, it did not stop the glory.

10. We loved each other for another week until it was Corolla-on-the-highway time.

What You Can Look Forward To

1. A new Strawberry Explosion single, written by me.

2. More GLORY!blog posts on a regular basis again. We are back on track.

3. A Carrie-Rusty reunion in October and then again at Thanksgiving.

4. Baubles, if you're Yvonne Breske.

5. Seeing Carrie in the elevator in the Liberal Arts Building.

6. A fun semester if you are in my class or any of Rusty's five million classes.

7. The Glory, becuse we will bring it.