Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Glory to the Lori

Gloryfan Lori Berkemeyer got married to Ted Rooney this past weekend. This is the most arty-farty picture I took of them. Lori was gloriliciously beautiful; I kept waiting for some bridal magazine to show up.

Lori got married in Oregon, so I got to see mountains and talk to nice people. We didn't go to a strip club.

Soon Carrie and I will take our Polyphonic cue and take a picture of ourselves in robes for the new gloryblog picture.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

You were missing us, weren't you?

But the important thing is that we weren't missing each other.  We had some good times.  Here are some of the highlights:

(1) Rusty got here early on Thursday, July 8th.  He surprised me by showing up around two when I didn't expect him until at least around 5.  I didn't have my hair done yet.  He got hugs at the door.  He gave me these pencils with my name on them and a DVD of OutKast videos.  I did my hair and we went immediately to Sweet Pepper's Deli for lunch since that's our spot and all.  Our favorite Laura took our order. 

(2)  On Friday we headed to Pearl, MS for fun times with Rusty's peeps.  We ate dinner with Rusty's mom and dad and played Dominoes, which I won.  Then later we hung out with the man of many hats, Tommy Burton.  The next day, I got to eat bacon & eggs with Rusty, and then meet his famous friend Lori Berkemeyer who is getting married this weekend in Portland, OR. 

(3) Meeting Lori gets its own number since it was a big deal and all -- she was the last of Rusty's friends that I needed to meet.  She was tall and lovely and we had good times at the party that was thrown for her and her fiancee, Ted.  We were the hot couple of the evening playing a dirty version of a game that's sort of like Charades, but not really....  The idea is you put a bunch of dirty words in a bag and then the players pull out the slips of paper one by one and describe the filthy thing until their team guesses what it is.It involves lots of people yelling out, "Titty-fuck!" "Cocktease!" etc. We were the best at coming up with words and phrases to put in the bag.   I became known as "Dirty 'Burg" all night, which I enjoyed.

(4) On Sunday we had potluck at church, made jokes about ham juice, and then went home for a long nap.

(5) Rusty had a sweet, sweet watermelon fixation ever since we saw the watermelons on sale at the fruit stands along Highway 49 North, which takes us to and from Rusty's parents' house in Pearl, MS.  So he ate two entire watermelons almost all by himself.  He buys them whole and cuts them into quarters, and then eats them on the couch on top of a plate with a towel over it to suck up the excess juice.  He puts salt on his watermelon since he's a hick and all.   He spits the seeds on the towel.  In this way, we watch television.

(6) Over the course of days we saw these movies: Farenheit 9/11, Anchorman, and Spiderman 2.

(7) Sometime in there, I went to work and school and graded papers.

(8) Sometime in there we ate food at places like Red Lobster, Chesterfields, Chili's, Backyard Burger, and Cici's Pizza.  I cooked things like chicken and rice and pork chops and green beans and tacos.

(9) We had pizza at the new Chuck E. Cheese in town, and though the pizza wasn't was good as we remembered, we had fun playing all the games -- Skee Ball and Whack-a-Mole and Chuckie Duckies -- and racking up 151 tickets. For our efforts, we got a Coca Cola ruler and a bouncy ball that was clear with a little plastic taco inside it.

(10) We went to the coast again, and took some photos of ourselves by the world's largest rocking chair, and more beach photos, and then we actually lost money playing video poker.

(11) My new neighbors woke us up by standing outside my bedroom window and talking loudly on the cellphone. Which, apparently, they couldn't stand outside their own window and do. They had to cross the walkway toward mine. So Rusty got his robe on and stuck his head out the door and looked at the woman and said, "Hi. You're very loud." And then clicked the door shut.

(12) I wore Rusty's robe for almost an entire day.

(13)Last night we fed leftover chicken to a cat that I named kitten-breath. We shot some videos based on the first year of Peanuts comics. We walked around USM and held hands. We ate Krispy Kreme and enjoyed each other's company.

(14) And then Rusty left this morning for Lori's wedding in Oregon.  I get to write papers and read books and grade things since next week is the last week of summer classes.  Rusty gets back Sunday.

(15)  Soon after, we plan to head to San Francisco so we can dance at my brother's wedding and go to the Charles M. Schulz museum.

(16) Rusty and I are glad to be together and we don't take it for granted.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Refrigerator Note

I'm about to go turn in grades, then shove some stuff in a bag, and then I'm off. Don't forget to buy Skittles.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

They add water, you pay for "broth."

I bet your fireworks won't look this good tonight:

Unless, of course, you're at Disneyworld, in which case they'll probably be even more spectacular. But you wouldn't be reading this at Disnweyworld, you'd be riding the WEDway around and around and around.

This 4th of July I will celebrate the GLORY!blog

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Glory to the Glory

Here's some gloryblog-related phrases that have appeared over the years:

  • Glory to the glory.
  • Jerkface of the gloryblog.
  • Glory!

That's all I can think of.

Go see what more people say about us. Props to the prop.

My heroes...

Flip Wilson