Saturday, June 19, 2004

Various and Sundry

Well, my broken pelvis got fixed late on Saturday and so I had just one day left in my week as an old woman. I spent today doing typical old lady things. Driving really slowly on major streets. Getting in people's way at Wal-Mart. Sitting around and getting in the young people's business. I've learned valuable things about being old and, hopefully, given you some important social messages. Like, that wheelchairs are difficult to get around in. Or sometimes old people are neglected. Or old people are people, too. I'm glad I had to insert myself into the life of an old person and do the same thing every day to learn this. There's probably some corporation I can blame it on, too. Maybe it's Wal-Mart's fault. I usually see a bunch of old people there.

This is what Rusty and I will look like as an old couple:

Only our faces will age. Our bodies will be as hot as ever!

In the opposite of old people news, here is a fashionable baby:

This is Texas:

And this is Mississippi:

Fuck them.

Oh, and in response to Rusty's online chess game, I offer this move:

d4 Nf6