Sunday, June 27, 2004

I Was Gone

I've been traveling and neglecting the GLORY!blog again, this time without Rusty . . . My good old pal Courtney, who lives in Tejas, was in New Orleans this weekend since she'll be moving there for law school this fall. So I hopped in the Jetta to meet her there. I also got to see the famous Pia ZE, GLORY!reader and big sister extraordinaire. Pia is looking fabulous, as always. After Pia and I got all caught up on writerly gossip on Friday night, I picked Courtney up from the New Orleans airport. We found her an apartment on Saturday and wandered around the Garden District and the French Quarter. We also saw the Mississippi River and rode streetcars. We spent Sunday buying tank tops and eating Po Boys until Courtney had to get back on the big plane toward Texas.

Here we are by the mighty Mississippi:

In future news, we expect some Rusty-Carrie posts soon soon soon! Prepare for Valentine's Day in July, which we will celebrate on July 14th. Before that, look for us eating sandwiches in Sweet Peppers Deli. Or knock on my door. We may or may not let you in.