Monday, March 29, 2004

Fun With Celebrities

One of the fun things me and Rusty like to do is compare each other to celebrities. I think I am winning so far in the look-alike game, unless I am forgetting who I've told Rusty he looks like. I'm also winning in that Rusty likes to compare me to some very attractive famous people. Play the game below and try to figure out which photo is Carrie or Rusty and which is the famous person.

Lisa Loeb . . . or Carrie?

Michael J. Fox . . . or Rusty W. Spell

Carrie Hoffman . . . or is it Gaby Hoffmann?

brother of Tony . . . or brother of Macauley?

Portman or Hoffman -- they both talk the same, too

Short . . . or tall?

daughter of Aerosmith rockstar? or cop's daughter?

Carrie Hoffman . . . or CNN news anchor Rudi Bakhtiar?